Il Ristorante

Gardenia Restaurant


Dall'orto al piatto

Gardenia Restaurant is inside a beautiful nineteenth-century house within the Medieval hamlet of Caluso, in Canavese.
Welcoming rooms and elegant furniture, silver setting up, linen tablecloths and fresh flowers from the house garden frame and highlight a wide kitchen.
In addition to the internal rooms, the restaurant has a cool dehor, a lovely garden and a magnificent vegetable garden.
You will be welcomed by the Chef Mariangela who actively and creatively enhances the surroundings cooking.


La Cucina

Menu and Creations


“My own land changes into course, flavor of herbs, flower color.  Simplicity becomes elegance in my kitchen.”

Le erbe e l’orto

The Vegetable Garden

A magnificent vegetable garden, thanks to Vittorio, our highly experienced and passionate vegetable grower, who has successfully carried out the project of combining wild herbs with the itinerant vegetable garden, orchard and flowers, so that there are dishes on paper that tell the story of our vegetable garden of today and that customers can experience it.
An idea of a potager restaurant where the customer lives the experiences of the heritage of taste of our territory directly next to the chef.