We bring our experience and our flavors anywhere you like best
The Gardenia is ready to surprise you in all places, be it a castle, your country house or dooryard.
Each location can become the theater of your perfect event. The restaurant also offers ad hoc menus for corporate events and conventions.


Home Chef


To make your convivial moments special, the chef and her staff will transform your home kitchen into an exclusive restaurant. The service is available for a minimum of 10 people. Contact us for information, together we will create an unforgettable tailor-made event!


Street Food


For your business conventions, for one and only day, the Gardenia hands on street food anywhere you like. The best vegetarian ORTOFRITTO, a bag of goodies and unique fragrance. Courgettes, aubergines, asparagus, apples, semolina, “amaretti”, sage, pumpkin flowers, these are the ingredients of our street proposal. We are also available On the Road with our cuisine: gourmet sandwiches, picnic proposals, hot dishes, desserts and much more!