Chef and Philosophy


The story of Restaurant Gardenia and Chef Susigan begins in the post-war period when Mariangela’s parents, Assunta and Amedeo, moved to France and found work there. Assunta worked as a cook, and Amedeo worked as a gardener at several noble castles. In the last castle they worked at in Toulouse, Assunta had the opportunity to learn recipes and secrets of high court cuisine from Madame Solange de Lasusse Parmantier, which was a formative experience for her.

In 1959, they decided to return to Italy, specifically to Caluso in Piedmont, bringing along their young daughter, Mariangela.

In 1977, Assunta, Mariangela, and Mariangela’s husband Mauro decided to open the Gardenia Restaurant, “Bar, Cucina Tipica,” in an 19th-century courtyard house. The cuisine offered a blend of traditional Savoyard and Piedmontese dishes, such as homemade agnolotti, mixed Piedmontese fried food, and finanziera, along with the influence of the refined French cuisine Assunta had learned over the years.

Curiosity, talent, experimentation, and determination led Mariangela and the restaurant to be recognized with a Michelin star in 2001. Since then, the cuisine has continued to evolve, moving closer and closer to the world of vegetables and wild herbs.

Mariangela Susignan


The chef’s philosophy in the kitchen also translates into sustainability of the local agricultural economy, not only with the use of 0 km products, but also with integrated communication activities of the territory through paths and experiences that involve local producers and farmers markets.

A rigorous ethical supply chain, respectful of the territory, of the traditions and of the tiring work of small producers that allow not only local excellence to be brought to the table but also a piece of their history, cultural biodiversity, agri-food biodiversity and places. This philosophy combined with research, sensitivity and awareness towards nature and the environment led to obtaining the new Michelin recognition, the Green Star, in 2021.

Gardenia Staff Nuovo


Since 1977, the Gardenia Restaurant has been, above all, a family affair. Mariangela is in the kitchen, Mauro manages the dining room, Solange takes care of management and events, and Roberto has been a winemaker and producer of exceptional wines from Canavese since 2000, with Erbaluce being a standout.

Part of this great family is also the kitchen and dining room staff, a young and passionate team.

In the kitchen, there’s Andrea, a determined and dedicated sous chef, Marco, a precise and punctual chef de partie, Riccardo, a superb pastry chef, Angelica and Lorenzo, newcomers with promising futures, and Zaur and Evans in the dishwashing area. In the dining room, there are two great professional sommeliers, Elisabetta and Gabriele, along with the pillars of customer service, Daniele, Elena, and Laura.

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