Cantina e Vini


The charming late 19th-century cellar is built with spacious brick vaults, a sand-covered floor, and numerous air vents that create an optimal microclimate for the storage and aging of wines carefully selected by our sommeliers.

Our cellar offers a wide selection of wines from the region, showcasing the indigenous grape varieties of Canavese, such as Erbaluce and Carema. We are dedicated to continuously searching for exceptional productions, rediscovering grape varieties from small producers, and offering prestigious labels. We also pay special attention to French wines and organic agricultural productions, which form the foundation of our cellar.

The cellar tells stories of vineyards and lives, which Elisabetta and Gabriele will be delighted to share with you as they guide you through the artful pairing with the chosen dishes.

Gardenia Cantina


The cellar is rich in cru wines from Canavese produced by our own winery, Cantine Crosio.

The journey of Roberto, a young winemaker with a strong connection to his land, began in 2000 in Caluso, an area historically known for Erbaluce. This grape variety lends itself to various interpretations thanks to its versatility: it is used to produce still whites, classic method sparkling wines, and passito wines.

In addition to this production, Roberto also cultivates Barbera, Nebbiolo, and other red grape varieties, to tell a story that would otherwise be lost.

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